backlink’en another attempt to simplify it

I’ve got a few blogs that don’t receive too much love. One of the key things everyone talks about is creating lots of links to the site from other sites, which in turn, drives more traffic and hopefully more readers. Making backlinks is hard and takes a lot of work, but there’s different sites and plugins that help to make it easier. The non-automated alternative is to go to each of the 1000’s of social media sites and update them manually. If I was unemployed, a task like that would probably help fill up my day. I’m a mac user, no longer a technology buff and I yearn for simple, simple and more simple integration.

I started out a few years ago with a Twitter Tools plugin for wordpress until they required some sort of API key so it stopped working.

Searching for a replacement that also supported other social media sources, I stumbled upon Network Publisher. A got as far as installing the wordpress plugin before finding you had to sign up for a paid plan. I’m a cheapskate too.

I experimented with Posterous which worked really well. The only problem was every link that got send out into the social-sphere all pointed back to Posterous and not my blog! I thought of moving the blog over to Posterous, but that seems all too hard as well.

My latest experiment is So far I’ve got it publishing to facebook, my identricity facebook page, 2 twitter accounts and tumblr. Not a bad start.

My workflow is looks like

  1. Publish something on my blog
  2. Publish the postname and URL on hellotxt
  3. hellotxt sends it around the internet to those services configured.

I googled a hellotxt plugin for wordpress, but it needs an API key of some description as well. The link in the plugin are out of date so it took me a while to find the API key application form. Then I got stuck (lazy) since it wasn’t dead simple for me to understand what info to put into the fields. For now, I’m keeping my manual workflow.

My next step is to look at other similar services (e.g. to automate to the networks hellotxt doesn’t support.

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