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Flashcards are the go

I’ve tried a whole bunch of iPhone flash card applications to help me with my Chinese studies and the vast majority suck. Badly. I’ve even shelled out real cash for some of these. I just wish there was a refund button in the App Store. So believing I’m not the only one who doesn’t like to suffer un-usable software, I’m getting some good software developed.

Version one is going to have an absolute basic set of features, but day 1 it will be:

  • Easy to use
  • Look good
  • Support flash card revision and testing for the New Practical Chinese Reader series of books (Beijing University Press).

Now some observant people may that I speak to in the real world may notice that I’ve been talking about this software for a while. Well, we’re getting there. I’m re-realising that trying to do things on the cheap is the tortoise path to success and its going to take longer than I’d hope. To hopefully pick up the pace, I just ordered these from Amazon:

But the unseen forces are conspiring against me again, and I won’t receive delivery until mid August. Oh well, I guess its back to googling tutorials.