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First night in Causeway Bay

We moved into our new place in Causeway Bay yesterday. Crazy day running to Ikea and the supermarket to buy everything we needed.We forwent our usual $12 Ikea cutlery set and went up market to the $50 set just to brake the cycle. And no more of those cheap Ikea mugs either!

We still have no furniture so we slept on the floor last night and the sheets are straight out of the packets – so you can really get that ‘straight from the factory’ smell. That took me a while to get over, but once I’m out, I’m out.

About 2am Hua woke me up as some prick’s air conditioner from upstairs was dripping on ours quite loudly. They’ve got those bit chunky hang out the window kind over here. I was fast asleep of course. First I got up, hung myself out the window and put a layer of tissues over the spots where it was dripping. Brilliant idea Age. That worked for 10 minutes, then the tissues were saturated, so it was just as bad. After another 10 minutes of restless wife, I got up again, grabbed all the new sponges we’d bought from the kitchen, put them in a cloth bag and put that outside. Slept like a baby. After getting used to the sheet smell again.

We also had no gas, so no hot water. We had a wash by hand with hot water from the kettle. Amazingly, gas is the only thing that actually seems to get disconnected when a property changes hands. We had all the power and cold water we could want. After tipping pots of water over us, we realised the bathroom floor wasn’t draining, despite the large drain at one end. Clever us then get into the shower to do the same. It also doesn’t drain. Hua is making some phone calls today.

After all that, I was wishing I’d paid the extra HKD$500 (AUD$71) for another night in the cramped hotel.

On the bright side, 100mb internet get connected today. Unlimited fast internet is only AUD$15 😀