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They’re Hiring

Hey all, I’ve just launched a small experiment in peer to peer recruitment called They’re Hiring. The concept is people can post jobs available in their companies, receive CVs from some interested people who aren’t terrible and submit them internally. If the person is hired, theroetically, they get $$$, movie tickets, or whatever the company pays out.

Please have a look at www.theyrehiring.com and submit away!


Aussie start-ups to get $83m boost

Now I’m really confused. IT News is reporting start-ups are to get an $83M funding boost, but if you go back and read the media release from Senator Karr’s office, it looks like there is a bit of a hurdle to  qualifyas a start-up:

The companies that could benefit from this fund employ at least 1000 people

Besides the mixed message hitting the media, I wonder if it truly is aimed at start-ups? 1000 people seems to be a pretty high bar for any start-up.

But at least, its something.