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Damn. It’s already March.

I haven’t even made a dent in my Christmas weight and February has already decided to pass us by. Given I’ll blink and it will be Christmas again I don’t want another year to go by and I don’t achieve something. Or at least try to achieve something.

I’ve decided that I will will establish at least 1 new ‘real’ business this year and in parallel, setup a few websites to see if there really is still an opportunity to make money online.  I’ve got a great friend who lives off website income (or was before the financial crisis) and I figure it can’t be too hard to write a few blog posts.

My first target with my newly re-acquired motivation was to get this blog (www.bole.com.au) up and running. Iif you’re reading this, I guess it looks like I was successful.  If you can’t read this, it looks like I skipped a step in the install or the site belongs to hackers.

The real business will focus on learning / education. A couple of options up my sleeve here. 

The other website businesses will cover a range of topics, primarily around things I’m interested in. I hope that my shameless selfishness in my choice of topics will provide an endless stream of content. This is pretty much already proven false as my other blog, www.identricity.com, hasn’t had an update in weeks – and I work in that field every day.

So my working list of website topics will be kung fu, mandarin Chinese, innovation and entrepreneurship. Lets see what I actually produce. I aim to chronicle the struggle between my motivated side and my, shall we say, relaxed side in this blog  – and hopefully a productive journey towards business success.

Stay tuned.